About the company

THE APPLIED GROUP is a private investment company, founded by experienced entrepreneurs, with a unique approach. THE APPLIED GROUP's model is to acquire a controlling interest in targeted acquisitions and to achieve significant returns on invested capital through organic growth, creative growth strategies, and strategic acquisitions. THE APPLIED GROUP partners with experienced business leaders to provide the acquired company with new management direction, while THE APPLIED GROUP's members actively participate in the day-to-day management of portfolio companies to add various levels of expertise and value to operations. Our business model differs significantly from the traditional "invest and manage from afar" private equity model.

THE APPLIED GROUP primarily focuses its acquisitions in the software, technology and technology services market segments. We primarily focus our acquisition strategy on divestitures of non-core subsidiaries, business units or product lines. If you are looking to sell an asset, or seeking a private equity partner, growth capital, or to buy a business or sell your business, consider THE APPLIED GROUP.